Tradition is important. We preserve skills from previous generations. Each piece is handmade and loved.


Apple Green Red Soft

Apple Green Red

Apple Green Soft

Apple Green

Apple Red

Apple Soft Red

Blackbird pair

Blue Tit pair

Robin pair

Penguin Family Turquoise

Penguin Family Blue

Elephant group blue

Elephant group grey

Elephant group green

Elephant group purple

Elephant group red

Fish Blue mix

Fish Blue Sparkle mix

Fish Green mix

Fish Turquoise Sparkle mix

Large Cat Amber pair

Large Cat Black pair

Large Cat Clear pair

Medium Cat amber

Medium Cat Black White

Medium Cat Blue

Medium Cat green

Medium Cat multicolour

Medium Cat purple

Medium Cat red

Nebula PW amber

Nebula PW blue

Nebula PW green

Nebula PW purple

Nebula PW red

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